Alex Northstar, your HUMAN guide to practical AI.If you don't know how to put AI to work for you, keep reading.


If you're an entrepreneur, thought leader or business owner, let's talk:1. You heard about AI. You're overwhelmed by it. You know it can help you, your clients, your team.So by this point you saved 10.000 online guides, prompts, videos on AI. OR you know almost nothing about it, falling behind.WASTE OF YOUR PRECIOUS LIMITED TIME.I can give you in 1 session, face to face, or 1 week with your team, what the fake AI viral gurus promised you since 1 year and did NOT deliver.They hide behind the online wall. They can't handle direct questions.NO, not easy $10k/month, that is a popular lie with AI.I give smart humans like you the most precious resource on Earth:YOUR TIME.How many more hours are you going to throw in the trash can? Doing the same repetitive tasks? Losing opportunities and relationships? Working 14h/day?Because you can make money, but you can't buy the wasted time back.I'm obsessed with time, AI & freedom. To live real human life, while AI works for us.That's what I built for myself, and this is what I'm teaching you, not theory.2. Who am I?I'm Alex Northstar.I coached hundreds of high-performers in my corporate trainer career, consulted B2B clients in Germany, USA & Belgium.Helped Google in Berlin and built a profitable personal brand from scratch in 6 months (1600+ smart people helped online, 10k followers).International AI speaker: USA (Las Vegas), Vietnam, Italy, Bulgaria.Started talking about AI & chatbots in 2018, before it was cool, in my Master's thesis.Espresso addict, no pineapple pizza.3. Here's how I can help you:- Win back 14h/week (AI upskilling live workshops or conferences)Because I tested HUNDREDS of AI tools in 1 year (99% are garbage) to give you in 1 hour the BEST AI workflows. So you get the shortcut, what actually works.My promise is to win you back 2h/day. Put AI to work for you, your team, your company.Time regained to spend with the family, to cut costs and get ahead, to take care of your health, to LIVE HUMAN LIFE.Depending on how much you earn per hour, your investment with me can pay itself back in 1 week. I know it works, because it worked for the other people in my workshops, courses, coaching.Smart people who used AI and got promoted at work, won AI hackathons and went from AI-overwhelmed to AI-empowered.As an experienced ex-corporate trainer & facilitator, I used to train Google support teams, and I love teaching and upskilling top talent. 0 fluff.- Business growth (AI automation solutions)Some clients asked me custom AI assistants for lead generation, customer support and even US taxes chatbots. I delivered. (check the case studies below.)- AI productivity 1:1 coaching (for CEOs/solopreneurs)I'm not your typical boring AI tech guy. My job is to put AI to work for you and help you live a better, wealthier, more successful life with AI, NOT teach what a generative pre-trained transformer is.So my uniqueness is that I get my "hands dirty". I love talking with humans live, figuring out custom solutions, addressing specific needs. Not the 10.000 prompts libraries you see around the Internet.Face to face live action.4. My mission this year: help 100.000 busy but ambitious high-performers & businesses win time back, get ahead and put AI to work for them.Let's talk, like humans.---IMPORTANT: B2B workshops start from $1000/h and are tailored to your needs. Max 3 client availability/month to ensure quality.Speaking at educational institutions is heavily discounted.Because I need the new generation to be AI masters, not AI slaves.Services and testimonials below: